You Are What You Eat

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November 25, 2018
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November 25, 2018

You Are What You Eat

The second most common killer in America is cancer. The disease that doesn’t discriminate. From older generations to babies; from toddlers to teens! Anyone can have small symptoms and thus begin a journey that proves them triumphant or result in a devastating end. At the start of the diagnosis one can never really know. Even as you have begun reading this you can think of how cancer has affected you or someone close to you. The point of this article is to give you a few things to think about that are not common in conversation in regards to how this silent killer enters our lives and tears down all that it interacts with.
Food: With the push for everyone to be busy doing something, we have virtually given our breakfast, lunch and dinner tables over to fast food giants or restaurant brands that line our highways and by-ways. Anytime you feel hungry you can grab a taco or a burger for a couple of bucks and that will hold you over. We so often want to be satiated rather than nourished and over time this is what limits our human bodies that are more than sixty percent water. If you think about it we are more spot on with how we service our vehicles than we are with how we service our body’s natural flow. Typically, we are specific in which type of gas we fuel up with, the type or brand of oil that we use for our engines and other small details for our 4 wheeled vessels. The interesting thing is that most sophisticated systems work very much like our body’s organs. All that you digest is then used to recreate and restore the body that you have been given. Being that we are predominantly water it is important our organs have enough lubrication to produce and flush as necessary. Remember that most of your functions happen without you alerting any one system or source, most of the high priority functions happen whether we are aware of it or not. Even at the time to release toxins, your body will give you a triggers or alerts so that you can assist in getting rid of what it has been used up or cannot be used at all.
The average housewife does not shove random things down her sink. Especially not hair or grease or anything that will clog up the pipes. Foreign objects can only stay in an improper place before the system takes notice and tries to purge or will alas become dysfunctional.
Dr. Sebi has mentioned that there is no disease if there is no mucus within the body. Let’s call mucus, sludge. Because most of us love cars and we all know that sludge slows your vehicle down, kills its functionality and if not corrected will take the whole car off of the road. So, what is in that McDonalds meat? Is it really meat?
It has been stated several times that chicken is made up of carcinogen yet it is still being served. There are several cut corners in regards to grocery supply and demand. Even stories of meat being injected with additives that make it look fresh but we all assume these processes are safe for us. Think back to earlier times; most of what was eaten was grown locally and killed in the backyard. There were not many stories of cancer if any. So what has changed? You are what you eat and if what you eat isn’t even real then how can your body function at its highest level for your best life? It’s just a thought, 2 salads a day for good effort is my suggestion.

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