Where’s My Religion

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November 25, 2018
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November 26, 2018

Where’s My Religion

When I was asked to write an article about my religion and Christianity I scoffed at the idea thinking this will be the easiest assignment I have ever received. Surely I know how to express my beliefs and what I stand for. However as I begin to write I realized I needed to provide more than just scriptures to support my theories. I began to pray and ask the Holy Spirit to assist me. I wanted to be sure the message was clear, honest, and not a folktale.

So where Is my religion you ask? dead and Gone buried so deep within the Earth it has reached the Fire filled abyss formerly known as hell! I don’t believe in religion!The God I believe in Is a spirit and so am I!

Webster describes religion as a set of beliefs concerning the call nature and purpose of the universe; A system of faith and worship which usually involves devotional and ritual observances. But who cares about the process? What is the outcome? I was never taught about God, I was taught like most people, a form of devotionals and ritual observations which were supposed to result in a relationship with God. Yet my studies have shown that religion has been nothing more than a type of mind control, a sociological weapon used to control and manipulate all people even thought it was pressed upon minorities more than any other culture. Now this doesn’t mean that God isn’t real it simply means that perhaps the way we’ve learned to connect to him isn’t. since the start of the first organized Church allegedly around 52 ad People have implemented their own ideologies on how to live holy. With so many additions and subtractions to the word of God, where does that leave Christianity/religion today? In my opinion chopped up and diluted more than a juice bottle given to an infant. It is easy to see why finding, obeying and loving God can be so difficult for so many people. That is why the belief of having the spirit of God, exercising the power of the Holy Spirit and truly living the life that is considered holy, is so difficult for some believers and why some of the prIncples practiced can make the believer appear weak to others.
Afterall how could an all-powerful God allow so much hurt, pain, and Injustice to take place? From the slaves taught to obey, accept, respect, and fear their Earthly Masters who did all manners of evil to the modern day church being told that they will be cursed with a curse if they do not tithe. Pastors sleeping with and fathering children by the same women they had affairs with.

In view of the many valid Inquiries, I was forced to dig deeper and examine my understanding and beliefs. I discovered both through research and metaphysical Enlightenment that there is an Unwritten, unspoken law which governs most humans. Some call this the code of conduct or internal morals Others believe it to be the Holy Spirit. When a human is healthy and functioning at the capacity in which he or she was created, noone must say it is wrong to lie, cheat, steal, kill, and so on. It is understood instinctively and most people will automatically yield to the inner voice / Holy Spirit or what some call their conscious. Technology grants us access to a smorgasbord of information and knowledge and that channel is the advantage the 21st century has over 52 AD. No longer can the liberty or the lack thereof be placed on the backs of anyone else.

If you want God, you will find him ! The real question is what are you really looking for and why?

Vicci Plum

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