Spirituality VS Religion ” Immortality”

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November 25, 2018
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November 26, 2018

Spirituality VS Religion ” Immortality”

What are you really looking for ? what is the meaning of life? This is one of the most profound and researched topics in the world!

To believe in immortality is one thing but it is first needful to believe in life.
-Robert Louis Stevenson

Whether done on a conscious or subconscious level our souls bellow out to the universe the same question, why am I here? What is my Purpose? The Definition is so extensive a definite description would be deficient. DIldano, a character in the 1968 sci-fi movie Babarella made a provocative statement, A life without cause is a life without effect.

(What is the meaning of life? = To complete a task in other words, fulfill your divine purpose)

In my opinion a life without effect is no life at all. In fact a very wise unknown author once said
“True freedom is to find and to follow the spiritual intelligence within you and to go where it takes you in life”. None of this is religion. This is spirituality!

Almost everyone will agree that there is a higher power. Only when we begin to limit the name that higher power do we begin to divide the spiritual body, which is equivalent to an invisible expressway of our connectedness. I am Spirit currently housed in a living breathing organ called flesh. It grows, dies, sheds, and changes. It is the opposite of my spirit. I have learned that it is the spiritual world some say frequencies or energies , that effect my reality , therefore I look inward first to find my life’s path. My spiritual intelligence whom I choose to call the Holy Spirit, then leads me to the outward knowledge needed to thrust me into my Divine calling. I must first be yielding, still, quiet, observant, and stay open and positive to the spirit within. Focusing on good and positive things. Have you noticed that the principles for positive affirmation mimic the principles of the Bible?Have you noticed that several proverbs be It African or Chinese mimic or draw the same conclusions as the word of God and its principles are parallel just different verbiage?
So then it is religion and the practice that is fake not spirituality or the connectivity to the Creator whom I acknowledge as God the Father, God the son, and God the Holy Spirit!

God who has many names, crosses all denominations shattering all limitations, making the impossible possible, is not to be limited to rituals but is a inner experience of life, peace, purpose, prosperity, and Hope! Because of God I Am IMMORTAL, and I Am SPIRIT!

Vicci Plum

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