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MAGAZINE CONTENT – Issue One: January 2019

Mr. Time – The Movie Pg. 34
The new action revenge thriller
weaves in multiple genres to tell
the story of a father driven to
desperate ends, hoping to save
his son’s life.

Michael Wall’s Story Pg. 27
Michael Walls goes into vivid
details as he explains how he
was able to survive mental and
sexual abuse, which started at
the tender age of five.

Cannabis: Big Business Pg. 30
Grow it! smoke it! and sell it!
Cannabis, the miracle recreational
business is here!

Chloe Grace Moretz Pg. 46
She’s only 21 years old, but Chloe
Grace Moretz might be the busiest
actress in Hollywood.

Cardi B Pg. 48
Of course, she’s not the girl next
door or the girl you want to bring
home to meet your parents. So
what, and who cares? She’s Cardi B

Who’s Buying Bitcoin Pg. 24
Bitcoin is the first decentralized
digital/virtual currency. There are
those that believe that bitcoin will
become the next single global currency
There are those that believe that
bitcoin will become the next single
global currency.

Opioid Epidemic Pg. 22
The Center for Disease Control and
Prevention released new statistics
indicating a 10% increase in drug
overdoses, a national record for the
United States and costing the lives of
72,300 Americans.

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