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Certificate R   -   Suspense | Adventure | Horror | Thiller

'Slasher' is an American independent horror film written, produced, and directed by Jonathan Rowan. 'Slasher' is a tale of revenge, corruption, and murder involving the current employees of the Fresh Air Productionz media company. As the film unfolds, everyone quickly becomes a suspect as buried secrets and lies are exposed. And as a result, places everyone in a dangerous warpath of annihilation...
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Mr. Time

Certificate R   -   Suspense | Adventure | Horror | Action

AVAILABLE MARCH 2019 - Mr. Time is a sociopath with a psychopathic personality. Everything he does is to play mind games and manipulate people. By day, James is a powerful lawyer and philanthropist that gives back to society. He is wealthy, powerful, and very connected politically. However, he is also the underground sociopathic Boss/Bogeyman. James is only interested in power and loyalty. Through his network, he finds those who are in need of money, and then he connects with them to fulfill challenges that he creates that must be completed during a certain time. 
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Split Decision

Certificate R   -   Drama | Adventure | Suspense | Action

Short film movie about a guy who must make a split decision that ends up having a detrimental effect on his own life.
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Normal Terror

Certificate R   -   Horror | Drama | Suspense | Thiller

AVAILABLE OCTOBER 2019 By day he's a single father, doing his best to take care of his son, struggling to get by. The magic happens after he puts his son to bed, this is when man becomes monster. He abducts, tortures and kills his victims, for no apparent reason. Each is different, no particular M.O. This is the first time a film of this type has been done. From the twisted mind of Sam Mason, and Sacrificial Pawn Productions comes Normal Terror, the new style gore film, a movie from a serial killers point of view before he's caught...
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Aw Hell Naw

Certificate R   -   Comedy | Funny | Ridiculous | Hilarious

AVAILABLE AUGUST 2019 - A local mail delivery guy Tyree Johnson is falsy accused of kidnapping a rich cowboys son. He must find a way to prove his innocence before the rich cowboy and his gang catches him.