Authenticity Wins : Cardi B

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November 26, 2018
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December 12, 2018

Authenticity Wins : Cardi B

I told you who I was, I warned you, then I showed you; now you mad. -AP

Once upon a time, there was a stripper turned rapper who threw a shoe at another raptress with a couple of rings on her belt. Although both talents have expressed malicious intents and malice in their music, only one seemed to be willing to take it there. This is what we call “bout that life” in these streets. With the host of rappers who have done or faced hard time for causing or inciting bodily harm to other individuals, it’s a good rule to watch who you talk crazy to. Especially, if you are not, in fact, “bout that life.”

Regarding lyrics and how much truth they contain, I want to touch on authenticity. I am not always for violence; however, I do believe there comes a time when some get tired of talking and want to resolve the entire issue, completely. I believe a disciplined square up would be a fair resolution for several instances, but this isn’t about that. This is about the girl next door, who repost memes of herself and addresses issues even if people say don’t, because, for her, that is keeping it real. This is about how an authentic soul can win the hearts of millions, regardless of the tenure of her competition.

CARDI’S LIFE: Cardi B is currently the definition of living your best life. She has been like a child we watched grow up and cheer on because she was not afraid to show us who she really was. Proving a champion for people while sharing her personality, her struggles, and her wins. Some will say that she is too much! Her huge energy and display of emotion easily boast her genuineness. She has carried her family on her shoulders and used the attacks on her once, not so perfect teeth, as fuel for the lyrical fire she has been serving every time she gets on a track. She is vulnerable with her fans, which is usually a spark and a vicious lead for those who don’t like her. Starting at 19 when she began, Cardi transformed from stripper to reality show celebrity to nightclub and party promoter. Her leap from performing as the headliner for huge crowds with no deal, to inking an agreement with Atlantic Records and dropping the single “Bodak Yellow”, an instant hit that sent a worldwide vibe. The song that even had grandmas cockily singing back the tune. Her first album release did not disappoint and each single scored the newcomer more fans and awards. Thanks to “Bodak Yellow” she is now the second woman to have had a solo as #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 but has been featured on the chart 3 times with other collaborations. This hard-working woman has clawed her way up to the top, wrote about clawing her way to the top and then acted on things that she has said she does and will do, many times before. Any other reaction outside of saying, she told us so and or “sipping tea”, is unfounded.

LOVE LIFE: Even in her love life, which seemed to come at the same time as fame, she has remained a well kept together display of who she said herself to be. She embraced being the hood chick that comes from the gutter. She loves a man “that’s been in and out of jail.” This is where we have Offset who appears to be making efforts to curb his player ways for the ever-developing talent. There were talks of the two from the start and when it was confirmed the next the thing we know; he proposed, he cheated, she forgave him, told us why she stayed and then we find out, they have been married since September of 2017, the public proposal was only to make sure she had her moment, the one most girls want. And being that they are entertainers, the extra Google searches and becoming the trending topics, didn’t hurt. People had so much to say about the whole situation. But, I can’t imagine how long any of us could talk about how these very things happen amongst and around us with less money and paparazzi. From what I can see, Cardi knows what she wants, she accepts all that her blessings bring and remains true to herself during her glow up.

BRANDING POWER: While out and about getting her “shmoney” the viral star name-dropped the social media apparel giant, FashionNova. Cardi mentioned saving money and being fly by shopping with the brand and the masses followed. Talk about a marketing win! Cardi now has a line with FashionNova and they have begun selling to men. She also landed deals with Mt. Dew featuring the single Drip from her first album and featured hubby’s group, Migos. Cardi appeared in a celebrity lineup for Amazon’s Alexa commercial during the 2018 Superbowl. See what can happen in a year!?

At the end of the day, authenticity will always win, it isn’t just filler to say, be who you are! This is a woman that has known gang affiliations, was threatened about showing up in LA, to which she responded by showing up in red and posting a seeming subliminal to her haters as she laughed heartily in her 2 piece suit while looking out at the Hollywood sign. I hope that seeing this little scrappy girl from the Bronx, pull her way to the top of the charts with legends who have been at it for years, inspires you truly live your best life. But remember, you don’t always have to throw the shoe.
Keep it real, ya’ll!


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